RBI Issues Master directions and Guidelines for Banks and Non-Banking Financial corporations to hunt and resolve the risk and weaknesses in its operations. RBI guidelines are issued on recommendations by working groups in information security, E-Banking, Governance and Cyber fraud. These Master direction guidelines are mainly driven by the demand and need for mitigating the cyber threats coming out of evolving technology adopted by these corporations.

What is RBI Information Security (IS) Audit?

RBI IS Audit is known as the primary component of banks that uses robust IT security and other workable things. However, these compact governances required the banks to perform regular audits for IT infrastructure and security, with the help of multiple customized applications, proficient resources, verified procedures will assist the entire audit process. We are an organization of experienced professionals that know Application Control, Security Services, and the Internal Information System Audits which have well-implemented examinations for the IT infrastructure.

We at RnR, provide end to end support and guidance on getting compliant with these laid guidelines, primarily in below mentioned seven areas: –

What We Deliver ?

It’s an important practice that gives organizations visibility into real-world threats to your security. As part of a routine security check, penetration tests allow you to find the gaps in your security before a hacker does by exploiting vulnerabilities and providing steps for remediation.


Digital Report

Our experts will furnish an itemized security evaluation report with legitimate remediation steps to be taken. Distinguish Security Weaknesses inside your Digital Asset permitting you to proactively remediate any issues that emerge and improve your security act.


Vulnerability Data

Constantly updating Vulnerability Information to stay in touch with the emerging threat landscape. Receive overview and trend data of all of the current security issues you face in your organisation. All viewable on an Digital Report.


Skilled Consultants

We also assured you that your assessments are executed by Qualified Experts. Our group of security specialists holds industry capabilities, for example, CHECK Team Member and Team Leader, CEH, ECSA, OSCP, CISA, CISSP, and many more.

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