Managed Security Services (MSS) are IT security services that are outsourced to a third party. MSS is a systematic way to provide security for any organization’s IT infrastructure through numerous services that are tailored to the requirements of the organization.

Managed cyber security services refer to a set of external services that assist organizations in safeguarding their networks, systems, and data from cyber threats. These services are typically offered by third-party vendors or managed service providers (MSPs) and encompass a variety of functions. These functions include:

Vulnerability management: Detecting and addressing weaknesses in networks, systems, and applications that could be exploited by attackers.

– Threat intelligence: Collecting and analyzing information about potential cyber threats, such as new malware or hacking techniques, to ensure organizations remain informed about potential risks and can take proactive measures to protect against them.

– Security monitoring and incident response: Continuously monitoring networks, systems, and applications to detect any suspicious activity and promptly responding to any security incidents that occur.

– Compliance management: Assisting organizations in meeting various regulatory requirements related to data security, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and SOC.

– Identity and access management: Effectively managing and securing user accounts, including controlling access to resources and enforcing strong password policies.

– Penetration testing: Simulating cyber attacks to discover vulnerabilities in an organization’s defense. Managed cyber security services offer organizations a cost-effective means of enhancing their security posture and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, these services provide organizations with access to the latest security tools, techniques, and expertise from skilled security professionals.

What we do

RNR as your MSSP partner can provide services as follows:

  • Concentrate on Your Business: As cyber dangers increase; businesses are faced with the difficulty of creating an efficient security system. MSSPs take on this role entirely, allowing you to focus solely on your business without worrying about security.
  • Cyber Security: Cyber security is a 24-hour job that organizations find difficult to put up security systems that work around the clock. MSSPs give your organization 24/7 services and 360⁰ protection.
  • Increases Credibility: Outsourcing security services to MSSP demonstrates that your organization is being protected by experts, which increases your company’s credibility.

The specific services that are included in MSS can vary depending on the needs of the organization, but they typically include:

  • Security information and event management (SIEM): SIEM solutions collect and analyze security logs and events from an organization’s IT environment. This helps to identify potential security threats.
  • Incident response: MSS can help organizations respond to security incidents, such as data breaches or ransomware attacks. This can include triaging incidents, investigating the root cause, and taking steps to mitigate the impact of the incident.
  • Vulnerability management: MSS can help organizations manage their vulnerabilities. This includes identifying vulnerabilities, prioritizing them, and remediating them.
  • Threat intelligence: MSS can provide organizations with threat intelligence, which is information about current and emerging security threats. This can help organizations to identify and mitigate threats before they impact their IT environment.
  • Compliance reporting: MSS can provide organizations with reports on their compliance with security regulations. This can help organizations to ensure that they are meeting their legal obligations.

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