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About Us


RNR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been established with the main objective of providing process improvement and management consulting services. RNR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide cost effective high quality services.

With strong ethics and a good base knowledge we at RNR are prepared to take up any challenge. Our hunger for excellence and effectiveness are the front drivers for the way we work.

Some key points about RNR that set us apart:

»  Resources with strong knowledge base

»  Industry experts from each industry

»  Blend of experienced resources

»  Highly efficient and quick solutions to any problem

»  Capable of coming up with multiple solutions in most of the cases.

»  Preference for tailor made processes as per company culture and line of work rather than following set templates

»  Quick in adaptation, taking very little time to pick up the ongoing projects/practices
Believes in having a perfect blend of tradition and innovation in every project Gives flexibility to the client to choose among multiple solutions if possible RNR believes that high efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation in consideration with the client’s requirement is essential for every project. We believe in making a practical and trusted bond with our clients.

Our resources have significant experience in their respective fields and are not afraid of taking up any unorthodox assignments. We can readily embed practices in a set framework as well as develop a new framework. Our basic target is to achieve high customer satisfaction without compromising on ethics, integrity or quality of services.


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