Dedicated Testing Methodology

Around the clock protection by skilled security analysts monitoring, detecting, containing and
remediating IT threats.

Monitor 24x7x365

Our analysts monitor your environment and identify threats round the clock

Investigate & respond

We find out exactly what happened and tell you what to do about it

Hunt for threats

We proactively hunt for malicious activity in your environment

Remediate & improve

Identify and address the root cause of recurring incidents and remediate

What you get


Focus on what matters

We use your products or deploy ours to detect threats, filter out false positives and quickly engage you on the threats you need to care about.



Get remediation actions for each incident

When we confirm an incident, based on services opted, we investigate and remediate or recommend specific actions to resolve each issue. And we communicate them in plain English so anyone can understand.



Improve your resilience

You get recommendations, based on your environment and past trends, so you can fix the root cause
of recurring events or even prevent them from happening in the first place.


Track your improvement

Are you getting better? Measure how we’re doing, see how much better you’re getting and in what ways through our role based reporting.


What is Application Security?

Effective Security Testing Safeguards your Applications from Cyber Threats & Vulnerabilities

RNR Application Security Testing helps you detect application vulnerabilities, provide full coverage for Web and Mobile application infrastructure and online services, and reduce risks to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Our Application Security Methodology extends beyond scanning software detection to identify and prioritize the most vulnerable aspects of your online application, as well as come up with practical Solutions.

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